Our Projects

We Specialize in environmentally sensitive areas

Many of the projects are located in very diverse and difficult terrain having steep slopes (up to 70%), rocky soil conditions, high groundwater, faulting, slope stability problems, limited construction access and severely size constrained. We consider how the septic system can be integrated into landscaping and add value to the property. We utilize technologies that are most appropriate to the needs of client and needs of the native environments.

We work with a unique set of experts in the field of water management, wastewater design, regulatory affairs, historical preservation, landscape design, and civil planning to ensure your project is organized and thoughtfully executed.

Heron's Head Eco Center

San Francisco, CA

At the site of a capped abandoned dump next to the Bay we designed and gained permits from the City of San Francisco for the first wastewater treatment system in San Francisco. We worked with the city's Public Health Department and the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Residential Drip Irrigation System

Bolinas, CA

At this residential site we coordinated with the owner to utilize the onsite wastewater system to reuse blackwater in a drip irrigation system, adding value and beauty with the septic system. Check out these before and after pictures.

Stinson Beach Commercial Building

Stinson Beach, CA

A difficult site with only 800 square foot area for wastewater disposal which was also a path to a residence.  The owner request a simple system with low maintanence.

Residential Peat Fiber Treatment

Woodacre, CA

A restricted lot only ten feet from a creek, we used peat fiber as a green low impact alternative to treating wastewater prior to a drip irrigation leach field.